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Burlesque Dolls presents Fifty Shades of Tease!
Burlesque Striptease, Fan, Twerk, Lap, Pole Dance Workshops

Fifty Shades of TEASE... Valentine's Workshops!

With Valentine's Day approaching and the impending release of the latest Fifty Shades of Grey movie, 'Freed' - we have been inundated for requests for our famous Burlesque Dolls workshops, so we couldn't help but get in the mood! Introducing, three very saucy Burlesque Dolls workshops, where you can learn a fully choreographed Lap Dance, Feather Fan Dance or Exotic Pole Dance routine (or all three), inspired by the sexy blockbuster.

Each Burlesque Dolls workshop is hosted at a unique location across the Gold Coast, please book for each unique workshop via the links below.

'The Dominant' | Exotic Lap Dance Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop, ladies will learn to dominate with a very sharp, sexy and provocative lap dance routine, specifically choreographed for use at home. The routine will feature lap dance techniques, legwork and floor work, including;

  • Heel Clicks
  • Legwork Flow/Tricks
  • Struts, Stripper Walks & Saunters
  • Hair Whips/Flicks
  • Stripper Floor Work
  • Seduction Techniques
  • 'Fish Flops' & 'Chin Drags'
  • Booty Pops & 'Pony Pumps'
  • Acrobatic Floor Tricks
  • Learning to Freestyle
  • Chair tricks

Friday 9th February
Dance Headquarters, Molendinar
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'The Tease' | Burlesque Feather Fan Dance Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop, ladies will learn the art of seduction and tease, using large burlesque feather fans as a prop (fans will be provided). Both basic and technical feather fan poses and transitions will be taught, with classic burlesque dancing technique to form a fully choreographed, sexy burlesque feather fan dance routine, including;

  • Static fan poses ('Showgirl', 'Peacock' etc.)
  • Small fan movements ('Hello There', 'Tail Feather' etc.)
  • Large fan movements ('Queen's Wave', 'Serving the Platter' etc.)
  • Fan combinations ('Serving the Queen' etc.)
  • Fan transitions ('Fur Coat to Brassiere' etc.)
  • Burlesque dancing technique (Bumps, Grinds, Shimmy, Shakes, Saunters, Struts)
  • Learning to Freestyle

Date: Saturday 10th February
Addictive Pole Fitness, Ormeau
Book your spot here via Addictive Pole Fitness

'The Seducer' | Exotic Pole Dancing Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop, ladies will learn how to 'get in touch with their bodies', with a fully choreographed, exotic pole dancing routine, focusing on slow, seductive grind, body awareness and sexy flow techniques, including;

  • Exotic Pole Combinations
  • Legwork Flow/Tricks
  • Hair Whips/Flicks
  • Body Rolls, Grinds, Pops
  • Seductive Touch
  • Saucy Floor Work
  • Learning to Freestyle

Date: Saturday 10th February
Absolute Pole Fitness, Helensvale

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*Previous Exotic Pole Course experience is required*

Our Burlesque Dolls workshops are suited to Dolls of all ages, abilities and styles and are held in a non-judgemental, professional and friendly environment at locations across the Gold Coast. Limited spots in each workshop, so don't delay!

Price: AUD $40.00

Product Code: BD-0036

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