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Burlesque Dolls presents Neon Nights Workshops!
Burlesque Striptease, Fan, Twerk, Lap, Pole Dance Workshops

Neon Nights... 80's Inspired Workshops!

With the recent release of our newest Burlesque Dolls Australia show, Neon Nights... Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go To Vegas, we're going back to the future to the electrifying 80s. We bring you three unique 80's inspired Burlesque Dolls workshops, with all routines being featured in the next show...

The Vegas Strip Exotic Dancer | Lap Dance Workshop (SOLD OUT)

When the hair was big, the g-strings high-cut and the music heavy... join us for an 80s-inspired, ROCK lap dancing workshop! In this 2-hour workshop, ladies will learn striptease and classic lap dance techniques, legwork and floor work, including;

  • Heel Clicks
  • Legwork Flow/Tricks
  • Struts, Stripper Walks & Saunters
  • Hair Whips/Flicks (perfect for that 80's do)
  • Stripper Floor Work
  • Seduction Techniques
  • 'Fish Flops' & 'Chin Drags'
  • Booty Pops & 'Pony Pumps'
  • Acrobatic Floor Tricks
  • Learning to Freestyle

The Iconic Vegas Showgirl | Feather Fan Dance Workshop

Grace, poise, elegance, beauty and unattainability was the classic 80's Las Vegas Showgirl. In this 2-hour workshop, ladies will teach the basic and technical feather fan poses and transitions, which will then be combined with classic showgirl dancing technique, to form a fully choreographed, iconic Las Vegas Showgirl feather fan dance routine, including;

  • Static fan poses ('Showgirl', 'Peacock' etc.)
  • Small fan movements ('Hello There', 'Tail Feather' etc.)
  • Large fan movements ('Queen's Wave', 'Serving the Platter' etc.)
  • Fan combinations ('Serving the Queen' etc.)
  • Fan transitions ('Fur Coat to Brassiere' etc.)
  • Showgirl dancing technique (Showgirl Glide, Tipping, Hip Sways, Bevels, Stylised Poses, Formations, Arm Technique etc.)
  • Learning to Freestyle

The Vegas Fame Dancer | High Heels Workshop

Bring your leg warmers and leotard, as we put you through your paces in this high heels workshop, set in the style of a classic 80's dancer audition. In this 2-hour workshop, ladies will learn a fully choreographed, fast paced and technical, high heels dance routine, dance techniques, legwork and floor work, including;

  • Struts, Walks, Saunters
  • Legwork Flow/Tricks
  • Bevels & Posing
  • Perfecting Your Pump
  • Hair Whips/Flicks
  • Fast Floor Work
  • Melt & Handwork
  • Learning to Freestyle

Friday 8th September 2017 | 7.30-9.30pm (Exotic Lap Dance) SOLD OUT (email us to be put on the cancellation list)
Saturday 9th September 2017 | 4-6pm (Showgirl Feathers) SOLD OUT (email us to be put on the cancellation list)
Saturday 9th September 2017 | 6.15-8.15pm (High Heels)
Cost: $40 per workshop
Location: Dance HQ - 2/1 Geary Crescent, Molendinar

Our Burlesque Dolls workshops are suited to Dolls of all ages, abilities and styles and are held in a non-judgemental, professional and friendly environment on the Gold Coast. Limited spots, so don't delay!

Price: AUD $40.00

Product Code: BD-0034

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