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Burlesque Dolls CorsetWearing Your Corset

Here is a step-by-step guide on wearing your new Corset...

1. Your new corset will arrive, already fully laced at the back.
2. Open out your corset from the front and lay in on a flat surface face down.
3. You will need to loosen the lacing at the back of the corset, prior to putting it on.
4. Gently pull on the weaving from the top to the bottom to loosen.
5. Try the corset on, if it does not close at the front, repeat the previous step to loosen further.
6. Re-try your corset on, fasten the corset at the front from the bottom to the top.
7. Have a partner or friend assist with tightening the lacing at the back, slowly pulling in the ribbon from the top to the bottom.
8. Your corset is now ready to wear!
9. If you have any further questions regarding your new corset, please Contact Us.