Burlesque Dolls AustraliaBurlesque Dolls is your one-stop destination for all things burlesque...

Established in 2011, Burlesque Dolls is a proudly Australian owned and operated business. Unlike other online corset retailers, Burlesque Dolls' prides itself in their extensive product knowledge and reliable, prompt service. All Burlesque Dolls products are in stock as you order them and all orders can be shipped overnight to anywhere in Australia. Burlesque Dolls was created to not only satisfy 'retail therapy' needs but to also make shopping for corsets and burlesque accessories, accessible to customers 24-hours a day allowing people to shop at their convenience.

With over 250 unique styles, colours, patterns and sizes,
Burlesque Dolls has the largest range of bustiers and corsets in Australia. Burlesque Dolls also stock accessories to complement your outfit, including; mini-top hats, hair fascinators, stockings and hosiery, bras, panties, tutus, petticoats, skirts, bustles, gloves, nipple tassels, burlesque lingerie and more. Burlesque Dolls have also recently launched their own branded 'corset costume' sets, available in a range of different styles at a very affordable price.

We hope you enjoy browsing Burlesque Dolls as much as we do!